1503 Cocoball

$11.99 USD

  • Elevate your medium to large bird's playtime with the exceptional 1503 Cocoball toy. A masterpiece of avian entertainment, this toy combines a variety of textures and colors to captivate your feathered friend's interest, ensuring they're engaged and stimulated. Designed to cater to the instinctual needs of chewing, pulling, and foraging, it's a comprehensive solution to cage boredom, proudly handmade in Florida, USA, emphasizing quality and care.

    Key Features:

    • Dimensions: Generously sized at 15 inches in length and 3 inches in width, it's perfectly tailored for medium to large birds.
    • Diverse Textures: From colorful plastic balls and natural coconut discs to chewable wooden ABC blocks, tied leather strands, colorful acrylic rings, and a medium-sized bell, this toy offers an array of materials for sensory exploration.
    • Engagement: Designed to encourage natural behaviors such as chewing and foraging, with ample opportunity to hide treats within its structure for enhanced play.
    • Safe & Durable: Crafted from 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring a safe and durable toy for your bird's enjoyment.
    • Easy Installation: Comes complete with a quick link, facilitating effortless cage placement and adjustment.

    The 1503 Cocoball isn't just a toy; it's a portal to a world of exploration for your bird, designed to satisfy their curiosity and innate behaviors. The colorful and varied textures will keep your bird entertained for hours, promoting mental and physical health.

    Perfect For:

    • Owners of medium to large birds seeking a versatile and stimulating toy.
    • Birds that enjoy a variety of textures and challenges in their playtime.
    • Pet owners looking for high-quality, handmade toys from safe, non-toxic materials.

    Offer your bird the gift of fun and exploration with the 1503 Cocoball, a testament to American craftsmanship and the epitome of avian entertainment. It's not just a toy; it's an investment in your bird's happiness and well-being.