1503 Cocoball

$11.99 USD

1503 Cocoball. This has a little bit of everything for that medium to large sized bird in your life. Colorful, plastic balls are strung together with natural coconut discs, chewable wooden ABC blocks, tied leather strands, colorful acrylic rings and a medium sized bell. Your bird will love to chew, pull and forage for the treats that you have hidden, the bright colors and different textures will alleviate the cage boredom. Measures approximately 15 inches long by 3 inches wide, comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement. (Colors may vary from pictures).

  • A beak pleasuring toy.
  • A colorful array of different textures.
  • All bird safe materials.
  • Quick link for easy cage placement.
  • QUALITY HANDMADE IN USA.- A Quality product Proudly made by hand in Florida USA