1490 Colored Plastic Bobbin Spools


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Elevate Your Aviary with the Vibrant 1490 Bobbin Foot Toys from Bonka Bird Toys

Delight your feathered friends with the dazzling 1490 Bobbin Foot Toys, a must-have addition to any bird lover's collection. Designed to capture the attention and satisfy the playful nature of pet birds of all sizes, these foot toys come in packs of 8 or 16, offering a splash of vibrant color to any aviary.

Bright and Enticing Colors

Each bobbin in the 1490 collection is meticulously colored in a variety of bright hues, ensuring they stand out and entice your bird for hours of entertainment. The unique design, featuring a circular center hole surrounded by intriguing shapes, not only adds visual appeal but also serves multiple purposes for your bird's enjoyment.

Versatile Play and Foraging

The central hole is perfectly sized for stringing the bobbins around the cage or integrating them with other toys, creating a dynamic play environment. Moreover, the bobbins can be filled with small foraging materials, adding an extra layer of engagement and encouraging natural foraging behaviors.

Lightweight and Durable

Crafted with birds' well-being in mind, these foot toys are lightweight, allowing easy manipulation and movement by your pet birds. Despite their lightness, the bobbins are built to last, offering durability that withstands the test of playtime.

Safe for Your Feathered Companion

At Bonka Bird Toys, safety is paramount. The 1490 Bobbin Foot Toys are 100% bird safe, ensuring peace of mind for you while providing endless entertainment for your avian friends.

Product Dimensions and Features:

  • Measurements: 1.25 Inches high by 1.25 Inch wide.
  • Weight: Under 0.5 ounces per bobbin
  • Features: Versatile, durable, bird-appealing design, 100% bird safe

Transform your bird's cage into a vibrant playground with the 1490 Bobbin Foot Toys. Not only will these toys keep your pet engaged and stimulated, but they also promote physical activity and mental health. Elevate your aviary experience with Bonka Bird Toys today!