1488 Small Basket Swing

$7.99 USD

1488 Small Basket from Bonka Bird Toys, a versatile and engaging "home in the sky" that promises to transform their cage into a vibrant playground. This charming toy is designed with your bird's safety, enjoyment, and curiosity in mind, providing a cozy, fun hangout that's perfect for swinging, exploring, and playing.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural Woven Basket: At the heart of this toy is a natural woven basket, offering a secure and inviting space for your bird to sit, play, or even forage. The basket's natural material encourages your bird's instinctual chewing and shredding behaviors in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Colorful Solid Link Chains: The basket is suspended by durable, colorful solid link plastic chains, adding a splash of color to your bird's cage while ensuring stability and security. These chains are not just functional; they're also fun for your bird to climb and explore.
  • Decorative Plastic Charms: Adorned with moveable plastic charms, the 1488 Small Basket offers additional sensory stimulation for your bird. These charms can be manipulated and played with, providing mental and physical engagement.
  • Versatile Play Options: The true beauty of this toy lies in its versatility. The spacious basket can be filled with a variety of materials, such as shredding paper, treats, or even other small toys, making every playtime a unique adventure.
  • Easy Installation: Comes complete with a quick link attachment, making it a breeze to install in any cage. This hassle-free setup means more time for fun and less time for setup.

Perfect For

  • Small-sized birds seeking a multipurpose swing and play area.
  • Bird owners looking for a safe, engaging, and customizable toy to stimulate their pet's natural behaviors.
  • Enhancing your bird's cage with a fun, safe, and colorful hangout that encourages exploration and play.

The 1488 Small Basket is not just a toy; it's a playground, a foraging spot, and a rest area all rolled into one. It's constructed with 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring that your feathered friend can enjoy hours of fun without any harm. This toy's multiple use design and easy cage placement make it a must-have for any small bird owner looking to enrich their pet's environment and daily routine.

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