1449 Bubbles Bird Toy - Interactive Fun for Small to Medium Birds - Colorful Foraging Playground with Safe Materials

$13.99 USD
Ships March 1, 2023

Discover the 1449 Bubbles: A World of Vibrant Fun for Your Small to Medium Feathered Companions!

Exciting, Interactive, and Perfect for Foraging Activities!

Get ready to add a burst of excitement to your bird's day with the 1449 Bubbles, a dynamic and fun-filled bird toy from our collection. Designed to captivate and entertain small to medium-sized birds, this toy is a veritable playground of activities that will keep your feathered friend joyously engaged.

Key Features

  • Interactive Elements: Features multiple Wiffle balls strung together with colorful sisal rope, plastic cylinders, beads, and wafers, creating a diverse play experience.
  • Hidden Surprise: A small bell is cleverly concealed within the toy, adding an auditory element to the playtime fun.
  • Perfect Size: Measuring approximately 10 inches high by 5 inches wide, it is ideally sized for small to medium birds.
  • Easy to Install: Comes complete with a quick link for hassle-free cage placement.


  • Promotes Foraging Behavior: Encourages natural foraging instincts, keeping your bird mentally stimulated and engaged.
  • Varied Textures and Colors: The diverse materials and colors provide sensory enrichment, helping to maintain a happy and healthy bird.
  • Safe for Birds: Made with all bird-safe materials, ensuring the well-being of your feathered pal.

Perfect For

  • Owners of small to medium-sized birds looking for a fun and interactive toy.
  • Birds that enjoy exploring, foraging, and playing with varied textures and sounds.

Why Choose the 1449 Bubbles?

The 1449 Bubbles is not just a toy; it's an adventure for your bird. It combines fun, safety, and mental stimulation, making it an excellent addition to any bird's cage.

Enhance Your Bird's Playtime!

Let your bird explore, forage, and jingle with the 1449 Bubbles – a colorful, engaging, and safe toy designed to bring joy and excitement to their daily routine!