1429 Huge Triple Tuff Pot

$39.99 USD

The 1429 Huge Triple Tuff Pot from Bonka Bird Toys is a giant assortment of different bright and colorful plastics and metals for your large-sized beaked compadre! This bright and noisy bird toy looks great in any cage that can fit it. The top of the bird toy has a heavy-duty quick link attachment letting you easily hang the toy. A sturdy large link chain hangs from a metal ring that hangs from this connector. The metal chain passes through the center of the toy ending in a large metal ring with a colored plastic loop hanging from it. There are more colorful plastic rings hanging from different loops all over the bird toy. In the center, there are (3) large 5-inch balls that are made of durable plastic. The balls have (3) color tones on them creating a wonderful rainbow effect. Through each ball, there are (2) chains strung that have a metal ring, plastic colored loop and measuring cup hanging.

The 1429 Huge Triple Tuff Pot is 100% bird safe ships in bright bird pleasing assorted colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (25) inches

Width: (8) inches

Weight: Under (38) ounces

  • Huge colorful bird toy.
  • Large durable parts.
  • Creates lots of noise.
  • 100% bird safe