1400 Medium Pot Ring

$8.99 USD

The 1400 Medium Pot Ring from Bonka Bird Toys is a great durable and eye-catching shiny toy for your medium-sized feathered friend. This bird toy is perfect for filling in parts of your cage where your pet needs something durable and noisy to liven things up! The top of this bird toy has a quick link attachment letting you quickly get it installed in your pet's cage. A small link chain hangs from the quick link and continues down through the toy. There are (2) other metal rings hanging from this link chain that have other great beak and feet pleasing items! At the top of the small link chain, there is a bird-safe colorful, and soft wibbly ball. This wibbly ball is super easy to grab for pet birds and looks great with its reflective colors. On each of the metal rings below the wibbly ball, there are stainless steel measuring cups and (2) colorful acrylic rings. When your pet grabs onto any part of the 1400 Medium Pot Ring they'll be able to easily swing it about and move it to their heart's content.

The 1400 Medium Pot Ring is 100% bird safe, ships with bright assorted colorful rings and wibbbly ball, and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (9) inches

Width: (3.5) inches or (3 1/2) inches

Weight: Under (5) ounces

  • Colorful and durable medium bird toy.
  • Stainless steel measuring pots.
  • Colorful wibbly ball and acrylic rings.
  • 100% bird safe.