1345 Large Tri Swing

$26.99 USD

Bonka Bird Toys 1345 Large Tri Swing: A Vibrant Playground for Your Feathered Friends

A Burst of Color for Your Bird's Day: Introduce a splash of color to your bird's cage with the Bonka Bird Toys 1345 Large Tri Swing. This stunning piece is adorned with brightly colored plastic balls and natural wood cylinders, creating a visually stimulating environment for your beloved bird. The vibrant hues not only add aesthetic appeal but also captivate your bird's attention for hours of enjoyment.

Engaging and Diverse Activities: Your feathered friend will never have a dull moment with the Large Tri Swing. This playground is designed to cater to your bird's natural instincts of rocking, swinging, and chewing. The soft cotton rope tassels and the large bell offer endless entertainment, encouraging active play and helping to keep your bird mentally and physically stimulated.

Safe and Bird-Friendly Materials: Safety is paramount when it comes to our pets. The Large Tri Swing is crafted with all bird-safe materials, ensuring your bird can play, chew, and explore without any risk. This commitment to safety means you can feel confident that your bird is enjoying their new toy in the healthiest way possible.

Easy Installation, Effortless Fun: Equipped with a quick link, the Bonka Bird Toys 1345 Large Tri Swing is a breeze to install in your bird's cage. This user-friendly feature allows for easy cage placement, making it convenient for you to provide your bird with a new form of entertainment without any hassle.

Perfect Size for Large Birds: Measuring approximately 18 inches high by 14 inches wide, this swing is ideally sized for large birds. The sturdy link chain and tied rope robustly hold and suspend the triangular perch, ensuring it can withstand the playful antics of your large feathered friends.


  • Enhances your bird's living space with a playful burst of color.
  • Provides a variety of activities to keep your bird engaged and active.
  • Made with bird-safe materials for your peace of mind.
  • Quick and easy installation in any large bird's cage.

In Conclusion: The Bonka Bird Toys 1345 Large Tri Swing is more than just a toy; it's a vibrant playground that enriches your bird's life. Offering both mental and physical stimulation, it's an excellent addition to any large bird's habitat, fostering a happy and healthy pet.