1312 Pk3 Soccer Balls 3 Inch


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Bonka Bird Toys 1312 Pk3 Soccer Ball 3 Inch - A Trio of Fun for Feathered Athletes

Unleash the Inner Birdie Athlete: Get ready to score a goal in fun with the Bonka Bird Toys 1312 Pk3 Soccer Ball 3 Inch! These medium-sized foot toys are not just durable and eye-catching; they're a source of endless entertainment for your feathered friend.

Key Features:

  • Engaging Design: Each soccer ball features a unique, bird-enticing design with three distinct bright colors - one for the top, bottom, and middle sections. This creates an appealing visual effect that captures your bird's attention as the ball rolls and bounces.
  • Exciting Sounds: Inside every soccer ball is a rattler that creates bird-pleasing noises during play, amplifying the fun with every touch.
  • Versatile Fun: These balls aren’t just for rolling and throwing; they have holes perfect for stuffing with your pet's favorite shredding and foraging materials, adding an extra layer of fun and interaction.
  • Hangable Toy Options: You can even hang these balls around the cage or off other toys, providing a dynamic play area in your bird’s habitat.
  • Artistic Use: Beyond bird play, these vibrant balls are delightful for art and craft projects, adding a touch of color and creativity.
  • Dimensions & Weight: Each ball measures approximately 3 inches in diameter and weighs about 2 ounces – perfectly sized for birdie play.

Why Birds Love the 1312 Pk3 Soccer Ball Set: This set of three soccer balls combines visual appeal with auditory stimulation, making them irresistible to birds. They're not just toys; they're an interactive experience for your bird’s physical and mental well-being.

100% Bird-Safe Assurance: Peace of mind comes standard, as these toys ship in assorted bird-pleasing colors and are made with 100% bird-safe materials.

A Perfect Addition to Any Bird’s Toy Chest: Whether your bird is rolling, throwing, or foraging, the Bonka Bird Toys 1312 Pk3 Soccer Ball 3 Inch set brings a sporty twist to their daily activities.

[Ready to bring the stadium excitement to your bird's cage? Get the Bonka Bird Toys 1312 Pk3 Soccer Ball set and watch your bird become the star player of fun!]