1290 Large Coconut Discs


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The 1290 Large Coconut Disks from Bonka Bird Toys are wonderful simple foot toys that your pet will adore to throw around! The Large Coconut Disks come in an assorted pack that is ready to be played with right out of the package. Each coconut disk will be slightly different from the rest as there is a natural item. The appealing look of the disks is from their nicely rounded edges and a large opening in the middle. This opening lets you hang the disks on other toys or string them up with your pet's favorite twine. As they are natural items your pet will love to grab them and chew them, feeling their great coconut texture in their beaks and feet. Each disk measures around (2 1/2) inches wide and has a (1/4) inch depth but again this will vary from item to item. They are 100% bird safe.

  • Natural Coconut.
  • Great for chewing.
  • Use them in your next toy-making project.
  • Bird safe material.