1276 PK3 Coconut Fiber Ball

$7.64 USD $8.99

The 1276 3pk Coconut Fiber Ball from Bonka Bird Toys are outstanding natural bird foot toys for your feathery buddy! These bird toys are great for any pet as they are straightforward and natural items. Each of the coconut fiber balls are a bundle of natural coconut fiber thats been rolled into ball. All around the ball are a small sea grass rope that twists and turns helping to keep[ the ball shape. Your pet will be able to throw the balls all around the cage with the sea grass rope keeping the shapes of the balls. The coconut fiber sticks out around the ropes enticing your feathered friend to grab and pull it with their beak and feet. The coconut fiber balls can be strung up, adorning different parts of the cage. They can be added to other toys creating great natural shredding opportunities. They can even be used in arts & craft projects for the home and school! The size of each ball may differ slightly as these are 100% natural items.
  • All natural and bird safe.
  • A great shred and foot toy.
  • Multiple uses in crafting projects.
  • Weighs under (4) ounces total.
  • Each ball measures (3) inches in diameter.