1258 Pk3 Wooden Beads 210pcs

$13.99 USD

The 1258 Pk3 210 Wooden Beads from Bonka Bird Toys are perfect for a wide variety of different uses and projects. You get 210 pieces of wooden beads to use however you would like. Each bead is made of natural wood that is perfect for making bird toys and for use in arts & crafts. The wood beads are super smooth making them very easy to handle and safe to play with. There is a pre-drilled hole in each bead so that you can readily start using them in your projects. The beads measure approximately 10mm in diameter each and the pre-drilled hole is about 3mm in size. They are nicely round and ready to use. The 210 pieces are conveniently packaged so you can keep them nice and organized for later use. Your bird will love the toys you make with these fun and versatile wooden beads from Bonka Bird Toys!