1225 Triple Chain Ball Bird Toy - Vibrant and Engaging Fun for Small to Medium Birds by Bonka Bird Toys

$8.99 USD

Brighten your small to medium-sized bird's day with the 1225 Triple Chain Ball Bird Toy from Bonka Bird Toys. A fusion of color and function, this toy is a treasure trove of entertainment, designed to capture your bird's attention and keep them engaged for hours.

Engaging Features for Feathered Friends:

  • Three Plastic Waffle Balls: Vividly colored and perfect for pecking, pulling, and exploring.
  • Refillable Fun: Hide treats or shredded paper inside the balls to challenge and reward your bird.
  • Solid Linked Plastic Chain: Adds a pop of color and ensures durability during play.

Convenient and Versatile:

  • Quick Link Attachment: Effortless to hang in any cage, ensuring secure playtime.
  • Ideal Size: Measures 7 inches in height and 5 inches in width.
  • Light and Manageable: Weighs just 4 ounces for ease of use by smaller birds.

Benefits of the Triple Chain Ball Toy:

  • Cage Boredom Buster: A guaranteed hit for alleviating cage boredom.
  • Bird-Safe Construction: Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials.
  • Ball Measurements: Each ball has a 2.75-inch diameter, perfect for beak and claw interaction.

The 1225 Triple Chain Ball Bird Toy is not just a plaything; it's a playground. It invites your bird to a festival of colors and activities that stimulate their natural foraging instincts and desire for discovery.


Buy Extra Shredder crinkle paper refill here to stuff the balls