1196 Pk6 Plastic Cane Rack Rings

$5.99 USD

The 1196 pk6 Plastic Cane Rack Rings from Bonka Bird Toys are excellent colorful bird foot toys for your beaked buddy! This pack includes (6) colorful cane rack rings ready to be played with. The rings are super bird enticing and look great with their smooth surfaces and round edges. The rings come in assorted colors all of them bird pleasing. Cane Rack Rings are perfect bird foot toys just as they are. Your pet will love to investigate the interesting shape and feel the smooth edges when the rings are laying around their aviary. These foot toys are also super flexible and can be combined with lots of other toys and items! The middle of each Cane Rack Ring has a large circular opening. This lets you hang them on other toys, parts of the cage and anywhere else you would like. They can even be used for regular art and craft projects with their bright colors and durable design. The 1196 pk6 Plastic Cane Rack Rings are 100% bird safe and each measure about (2.62) inches wide with a (0.25) inch thickness.

Multiple different uses.
Six assorted colors.
100% bird safe.
Great for craft or bird toy making projects.