1195 Play Three Foot Talon

$5.99 USD


The 1195 Play Three from Bonka Bird Toys is a phenomenal foot toy for your small to medium sized pet bird. All pet birds need foot toys for their enjoyment such as the 1195. (3) wonderful parts are included in the pack ready to be enjoyed. There is a small roller cage, a small slotted plastic ball and a small plastic ball with circular holes in the pack. The small roller cage looks super appealing with its two tone bright color and can easily roll. Inside of the cage bars is a small rattle that creates noise anytime the roller cage is moved. Your pet will love to grab onto the smooth cage base, top or bars. The slotted plastic ball is covered in slots! These give the ball a wobble when rolled and give more spaces for beaks and talons to grab onto. Inside of the ball is a small rattle that will create noise when moved. The last item is a small plastic ball with circular openings. This rolls in a relatively straight line and stands out with its bright two tone colors. Inside of this ball is yet another rattle. The 1195 does come in assorted colors which are all bright, eye catching and bird appealing. The pack weighs about (3) ounces all together. Each part in the pack measures about (1.5) inches in diameter and height. The 1195 Play Three is 100% bird safe.

  • The bright colors alone will entice your bird to come and play.
  • Foot toys for cage birds improve balance and coordination.
  • Varied shapes for your bird to grasp and manipulate.
  • 100% bird safe.