1194 Colored Foam Beads 60 pcs

$5.99 USD

Unleash Your Creativity with the 1194 Pack of Colorful Foam Beads

Dive into a world of endless creativity with our 1194 Pack of Colorful Foam Beads from Bonka Bird Toys. Perfectly sized at 0.50 X 0.50 inches, these foam beads are not only lightweight and durable but also feature a large 1/8-inch hole, making them the ideal choice for preschoolers to enhance fine motor skills through fun bracelet stringing activities, as well as for learning math skills like counting.

Versatile and Vibrant Colors for Every Project

Our foam beads come in a vibrant assortment of eight solid colors, including various shades of pink, green, yellow, red, and blue, offering a plethora of creative possibilities for your beading projects. Whether you're looking to create DIY necklaces, earrings, key chains, phone and mask chains, anklets, or other ornamental crafts, these beads provide the perfect medium for expressing your artistic vision.

Educational and Fun for All Ages

Not just for crafts, these colored foam beads serve as an excellent educational tool, widely adopted by teachers and parents alike for use in classrooms, homes, camps, and community centers. They offer a fun way for kids to learn color sorting, weighing, counting, and more. Adults too can join in the fun, combining these foam beads with other materials to craft unique jewelry pieces.

Ideal for Group Activities and Gifts

Beading projects are not just a creative outlet but also a fantastic activity for group settings such as parties, camping trips, and other events. Moreover, these colored foam beads make a delightful gift for young girls, sparking joy and creativity in every pack.

Product Features:

  • Assorted colors and shapes for endless creativity
  • Suitable for a wide range of craft projects
  • Made from all bird-safe materials
  • Pack of 60 pieces for extensive crafting

Let your imagination soar and add a touch of color to your crafts with our 1194 Pack of Colorful Foam Beads. Perfect for crafters of all ages, these beads promise not only fun but also a valuable learning experience.