1151 PK6 Medium Wood Stars

$5.99 USD

The 1151 PK6 Medium Wood Stars from Bonka Bird Toys are great cage foot toys for your feathered friend! Each of the colorful chewable wooden stars are brightly colored and 100% bird safe. The pack conveniently includes (6) medium-sized wood stars for lots of fun! The wood stars each have a hole drilled in their center for easy hanging. Birds like some kind of foot toy in their aviary and the wood star pieces are excellent for that. The wood the stars are made from natural wood that feels great in birds beaks and is perfect to chew apart. The stars are very light in weight making them easy to pick up and manipulate. Small birds will have no problem picking up the stars and throwing them around their cage. The stars can even be used for art and craft projects, homework assignments and anything else that your imagination comes up with!

The 1151 Pk6 Medium Wood Stars are irregularly cut with rough edges and other variations and weigh and measure approximately:

Width: (2.5) or (2 1/2) inches

Thickness: (0.25) or (1/4) inches

Single star weight: Under (0.1) ounces

  • Easy to play with bird foot toys.
  • Bright colors.
  • Fun to hang around the cage and from other toys.
  • 100% bird safe.