1118 Balsa Bite

$7.99 USD
Ships March 1, 2023


The 1118 Balsa Bite from Bonka Bird Toys is a small and colorful chewing delight for your beaked buddy! This toy looks great in all sorts of cages and is easy for pets of all ages and abilities to play with. The bird toy does include a quick link connector at the top for fast hanging in the aviary. This connector has a sturdy metal ring hanging from it that passes through a drilled hole in the middle balsa slat. The body of the bird toy is made from a length of twine that has been adorned with lots of colorful balsa chew slats and colorful plastic beads. On either end are a small metal bell that make great bird pleasing sounds when your pet interacts with the toy. Each of the colorful balsa slats are separated by a colorful plastic bead making for a super bird enticing effect. With its light weight and easy to grab materials this bird toy is ideal for all kinds of pet birds.

The 1118 Balsa Bite is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (5)

Width: (4) inches

Depth: (0.25) or (1/4) inches

Weight: About (1) ounce

  • Small size chewy bird toy.
  • Lots of balsa slats.
  • Colorful plastic beads.
  • 100% bird safe.