1116 Gigantor

$89.99 USD

The 1116 Gigantor from Bonka Bird Toys is a massive array of chewable materials that stand out in any cage with bright colors and assorted textures. This colossal bird toy is for the busiest of beaks with its giant colorful wooden blocks and tons of colorful all-natural cotton and sisal rope. The top of the 1116 Gigantor includes a heavy-duty quick link connector. A heavy-duty link chain hangs from the connector and continues through the center of the entire toy ending with a sturdy metal ring. This metal ring has a (2nd) metal ring hanging from it, making it perfect for hanging another item from this giant toy!

The 1116 Gigantor has a body mainly made up of large rectangular colorful blocks with wide square colorful blocks sandwiched in between. Each square-shaped block has (4) holes drilled near each of their corners. These holes have had natural colorful cotton, and sisal rope threaded through them. These ropes have been knotted off on either end, all hanging colorful wooden chew blocks below!

Spacing each of the square wooden chew blocks is larger rectangular wooden chew blocks. These rectangles have holes drilled straight through their centers and have the main sturdy link chain strung through them. All of the colorful wooden chew pieces make this giant bird toy stand out in any cage and entice pet birds to come and enjoy it!

The 1116 Gigantor is 100% bird safe and has lots of different measurements listed here:

Square Wooden Chew Blocks:

Width: (7 7/8) inches or (7.62) inches.

Thickness: (1 1/16) inches or (1.06) inches.

Rectangular Wooden Chew Blocks:

Height: (5 3/4) inches or (5.75) inches

Width: (2 3/4) inches or (2.75) inches

1116 Gigantor measurements:

Toy Height from top of link chain to bottom of hanging rope: Approximately (38) inches.

Weight: (9) lbs & (10) ounces or (154) ounces.