1001 Cubic

$29.99 USD

The 1001 Cubic From Bonka Bird Toys is a chewing extravaganza for your medium-sized feathered friend. 1001 has lots of different colored wooden blocks that make for an exciting foraging and chewing experience. The top of 1001 has a sturdy quick link attachment making it easy to mount it wherever you like. The link is connected to a metal circle which connects to a metal link chain that goes down through the center of the Cubic. This chain strings through multiple different sized colors blocks and rectangular slats. In the middle of the Cubic, there is a thick wooden block. Going through either side of this center piece are two pieces of strings that have many knots in them. On top of each of these knots are more colored wooden slats. The ends of these strings are knotted and frayed making it easy for your pet to pull and play with the toy. The toy creates tons of movement when played with and looks great, making it a wonderful addition to your pet's cage.

  • The 1001 Cubic FRom Bonka Bird Toys are 100% bird safe ship in bright assorted bird pleasing colors and weighs and measures approximately:
  • Height: (14) inches
  • Width: (8.5) or (8 1/2)inches
  • Depth: (5) inch
  • Weight: (1 lb 3 oz) or(19) ounces

Lots of chewing blocks.
Great vibrant colors.
Robust fun toy.
Made with 100% bird safe materials.