2014 1-Inch Wibbly Ball

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The 2014 is about 1 inch Wibbly Ball from Bonka Bird Toys are marvelous colorful foot toys that are excellent for birds and other pets alike! These awesome colorful rubber balls stands out in any environment they're installed in with they're interesting design and eye popping colors. The wibbly balls are made of many rounded tubes shaped into rounded stars that are all interwoven. This design makes for tons of different interlacing parts and colors forming the wondrous wibbly texture! All parts of each wibbly ball are easy for beaks and feet to grab on to. The design of the wibbly balls make them super easy for pets to check it out and move it around. With it's rubber material the ball is very bouncy and will effortlessly bounce off different surfaces. The ball does roll in an irregular line making it look like it has a mind of its own! With all of the openings on the ball you can also hang them up around the cage or from other larger toys. These balls are so magnificent they can even be used for regular art and craft projects!

The 2014 1 Inch Wibbly Ball is 100% is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

  •  Each wibbly ball weighs approximately 6 ounces giving them some weight.
  •  Great foot toy all sizes.
  •  Use it for foraging.
  •  Add it to an existing toy.
  •  Durable and colorful.