03303 Tiny Grape Cluster

$4.99 USD

03303 Tiny Grape Cluster - Mini Palm Leaf Toy for Small Birds

Delight Your Petite Feathered Friends!

Introduce your beloved small birds to the vibrant and engaging 03303 Tiny Grape Cluster, a mini palm leaf toy designed to enrich their playtime. Crafted with bright, enticing colors, this toy resembles a cluster of juicy grapes, perfect for pecking and playing. At approximately 3 inches in height and width, it's the ideal size for small birds, and comes with a natural fiber loop for easy hanging in your bird's cage.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly Sized for Smaller Birds: Don't let the size fool you; though it's small, it's packed with big fun!
  • Visually Appealing: The bright colors captivate your bird's attention, encouraging interaction and play.
  • Safe and Durable Materials: Made with non-toxic, bird-safe materials, ensuring a safe pecking paradise.
  • Ideal for Chewing and Gnawing: The soft palm leaf cubes are perfect for chewing, providing your bird with hours of entertainment.


  • Enhances Mental Stimulation: Keeps your bird mentally engaged and active, preventing boredom.
  • Promotes Physical Activity: Encourages movement and exercise as your bird reaches, pecks, and plays.
  • Satisfies Natural Instincts: Mimics the natural foraging behavior, crucial for your bird's cognitive health.

Let your feathered friend explore and enjoy with the 03303 Tiny Grape Cluster, where fun meets functionality in a burst of color. Perfect for parakeets, lovebirds, and other small avians, this toy is a must-have for any bird lover looking to spruce up their pet's environment with safe and stimulating accessories.