0015 Large Smile On Sale!

$5.99 USD $7.99

0015 Large smile bulletproof bird toy. Made from the same material used in bulletproof plastic to create a durable toy able to withstand the roughest of play times. The eyes and the mouth have a colored bead inside, which rattle and roll as your bird swings and smashes this toy around, making an intriguing noise. Your large bird will spend lots of time working out how they can get to the beads inside, providing them with essential mental stimulation. Measures approximately 11 inches high by 5 inches wide.

  • Bulletproof plastic construction, measuring 11 inches high by 5 inches wide.
  • A high-impact, bulletproof material for longer-lasting parrot toys.
  • Visually and audibly enticing, offering healthy play options.
  • It will become a staple main stay within the cage.
  • Stainless Steel chain with a quick link for easy placement.