0011 Large Saturn On Sale!

$5.99 USD $7.99


Bonka Bird Toys 0011 Large Saturn is a colorful, playful toy; the brightly colored main body is made up of four sections, each containing a solid colored bead, which makes a whirring sound when rattled. It is constructed of bulletproof plastic and will last much longer than your regular-style chew toys. Your large-sized bird will be entertained with all the motion that this toy offers. It is suspended with a sturdy Stainless Steel link chain with a quick link attachment; it measures approximately 10 inches high by 5 inches wide.

  • Bulletproof plastic construction, measuring 10 inches high by 5 inches wide.
  • A high-impact, bulletproof material for longer-lasting parrot toys.
  • Visually and audibly enticing, offering healthy play options.
  • It will become a staple main stay within the cage.
  • Stainless Steel chain with a quick link for easy placement.