The 50074 Small Blocks N Knots offers shredding and preening fun for your small to medium bird. Check out the 50074 Small Blocks N Knots from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 50074 Small Blocks N Knots is a shredding toy for small to medium sized feathered friends. The toy has some thick cardboard blocks that birds love to shred and tear up using their beaks and their talons. There are also some frayed rope ends that your pet bird can use for preening.

If you’re looking for a versatile shredding toy for a small to medium bird, then the 50074 Small Blocks N Knots from Bonka Bird Toys is exactly what you need. Starting from the top, the toy has a quick-link connector for easy hanging. It leads to a thick, cotton rope that runs downward through the main structure of the toy. You will then find three (3) separate cardboard block pieces that are just waiting to be torn to shreds. Your winged wingman is sure to love the different textures of the cardboard. At the very end is some frayed rope that is nice for preening.

Obviously, chewing and shredding are the main attractions with the 50074 Small Blocks N Knots. Birds love to chew and gnaw on the tri-colored soft cotton rope, and it’s no wonder why rope toys tend to be a big hit with our avian amigos. And your pet won’t be able to stop once they start chewing, shredding, and tearing the thick and satisfying cardboard blocks. With cardboard this thick and tough, it will take your small taloned trustee quite a while to chew through it! You might also leave the 50074 Small Blocks N Knots loose at the bottom of the aviary for your pet to march and climb on top of for some foot exercises. The layered cardboard makes a surprisingly great foot toy if you get creative! With easy-to-grab cardboard blocks, pet birds of all abilities can love the 50074 Small Blocks N Knots!

You might also find it interesting that we recommend the 50074 Small Blocks N Knots for preening. It turns out that the frayed rope ends at the bottom of the toy are perfect for this action. Preening refers to the grooming behavior of birds where they straighten their feathers and get nice and comfortable. You might find your flying companion rubbing their feathers against the frayed rope ends. This is perfectly natural behavior, and there’s no doubt that your pet appreciates the perfect preening product that you have left for them! And for some extra noisy fun, you might consider tying a bell to the bottom of the toy so that it rings while your pet plays.

The 50074 Small Blocks N Knots measures about eleven (11) inches tall and (3.5) inches wide. It weighs less than three (3) ounces, so your pet should have no trouble interacting with the toy. You can easily hang the 50074 Small Blocks N Knots from the top of the aviary using its quick-link attachment. All of the materials used in this toy are completely bird-safe, but it is still recommended that you supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe experience. The 50074 Small Blocks N Knots is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys!

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