Your pet will love the 3665 Chip Chewy and its leather strips, chewable wood pieces, and natural vine balls. Buy the 3665 Chip Chewy from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 3665 Chip Chewy is a chewing, pulling, and shredding toy for medium to large birds. This toy consists of long leather strands that are tied to a quick-link connector at the top. The leather strands run through loads of fun items like natural vine balls and wooden planks and spheres.

Nearly everything on the 3665 Chip Chewy can be safely and comfortably chewed by a bird for some delightful beak exercises. Your feathered friend will have a blast chewing down on the long leather strips, wooden planks, wooden balls, wooden discs, and natural vine balls. These materials were specifically chosen for this toy, as they help to strengthen a bird’s beak, and they feel really satisfying to chew on. Chew toys are a must for any birdcage, as they invoke a bird’s natural instinct to work their beak. Your avian amigo will have a super busy job to do as they chew and chew and chew! Remember that a strong, tough beak is also a happy one, and you can help your pet’s beak stay nice and strong with the 3665 Chip Chewy!

There is also a lot of pulling fun to enjoy with the 3665 Chip Chewy. Your beaked pal can bite down on the leather strands and pull different sections of the toy all around the birdcage. This can help get a bird energetic and excited, and it’s also tremendous exercise for a bird. You may be surprised to learn that birds are actually natural pullers. They often use pilling actions when nest-building, so it’s good to give your bird a toy that allows them to practice on their pulling skills. Not to mention, the sound of the wood pieces clacking against each other can be really satisfying to a bird. As you may know, birds have fantastic hearing skills, and sound effects like knocking wood can really please your pet. These are subtle, natural sounds that your taloned trustee will certainly appreciate. And it’s all possible with the 3665 Chip Chewy!

Your pet can also use the 3665 Chip Chewy for some fun and healthy shredding. The natural vine balls are shreddable, and your bird will love tearing this material to bits. Birds are actually quite destructive creatures, and not many activities are as pleasing to them as getting to tear something up. By using their beaks and talons, birds can lay waste to the vine balls and shred them all to ruin. And with time, the leather strips can also be torn apart as well. But it will take most birds quite some time to get through that tougher leather material. That’s one thing we really like about the 3665 Chip Chewy. It tears up fast enough to make a bird feel rewarded, but it also lasts long enough to ensure that you aren’t needing to replace the toy after just a few destructive play sessions. It’s the perfect balance of durability and destruction, and birds love it!

The 3665 Chip Chewy comes with a quick-link attachment at the top for easy hanging. The toy measures about sixteen (16) inches long and six (6) inches wide, and it weighs less than ten (10) ounces. We recommend this fun toy for medium to large sized birds. All of the materials used to make this toy are completely bird-safe, but you should still make sure to supervise your pet during their first few interactions with the toy. This is to help ensure that they have a fun and safe experience. For chewing, pulling and shredding fun, you can’t go wrong with the 3665 Chip Chewy! This fantastic bird toy and many other cool products are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys!

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