Birds love the 3658 Large Tiki as a chewing and grabbing toy. It also offers a wide variety of textures. Check out the 3658 Large Tiki from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 3658 Large Tiki is a chewing and grabbing toy from Bonka Bird Toys. Whether your pet is working their beak or their talons, they are sure to appreciate this island-themed delight. The toy has a nice selection of hard and soft materials to chew on, as well as many good spots for grabbing.

The design of the 3658 Large Tiki is quite interesting in itself. At the very top of the toy, you will find a quick-link connector, with a sturdy link chain hanging down from it. The toy’s first notable component, a natural half-shell coconut, complete with coconut fibers for grabbing, is connected to this link chain. As you move further down the chain, you reach a thick and smooth wooden dowel, which is practically thick enough to be considered a branch. This wood dowel, or branch represents the toy’s main body, and it serves as the basis for the rest of the toy. Multiple holes are drilled through the dowel, with the top hole securing the link chain. The other holes have twine rope strung through them so that a variety of objects like pumice stone, natural cuttlebone pieces, coconut husks, blue-colored wood rods, and even a natural vine ball, can all hang down.

Needless to say, there is a lot to take in with the 3658 Large Tiki. The toy really has many uses and potential offerings, but we will focus on just a couple. The diverse selection of materials and textures make the toy excellent for chewing. Your feathered friend will have many options to choose from, ranging from the softer materials like the natural vine ball, the coconut coir fibers, and the relatively soft pumice stone, to the tougher items like the wood pieces and cuttlebone. The materials do lean towards the harder side, so any bird with an injured or damaged beak might need to rehab a bit before working their way up to the 3658 Large Tiki. But healthy birds of any stage or ability can really make great use of this wide variety of materials. The size and cuts of the offerings make the toy best for medium to large birds, so also keep that in mind.

We also really appreciate the 3658 Large Tiki for its grabbing potential. Your avian amigo can use this toy for much more than just working their beak. The many items are practically begging to be grabbed and provide your pet with some fantastic exercise for their talons. Birds love to grab at things with their feet, and the long, smooth wood pieces are great for this task. Even with the toy hanging from the top of the aviary, your winged wingman can swoop right in and begin grabbing at everything in sight. The act of clenching and squeezing will feel very nice on their talons and help them strengthen their lower body. We should also mention the half-shell coconut at the top of the toy can have its fibers grabbed and pulled for some extra playtime fun.

The 3658 Large Tiki has a quick-link connector at the top for easy hanging. The toy measures in at (28) inches tall, (11) inches wide, and seven (7) inches deep. It weighs about (46) ounces, or just under three (3) pounds. All of the materials found in the 3658 Large Tiki are totally bird-safe, but you should still make sure to supervise your pet to ensure a safe playtime experience. This toy is recommended for medium to large birds, and you can get it from Bonka Bird Toys.

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