If your pet needs some chewing, pulling, and foraging fun, then the 3655 Sixball from Bonka Bird Toys is a great option. Buy this medium to large bird toy.

The 3655 Sixball is a chewing and pulling toy for medium to large birds. The toy has a cool design with six (6) hollow wiffle balls. A quick-link connector on top holds a sturdy link chain. Leather strips are tied to the chain and pass thru wiffle balls, wood blocks, leather rawhide and more.

What’s great about the 3655 Sixball is that there are so many ways for birds to enjoy this fun toy. It’s very versatile, and it brings so much to a birdcage. Starting with chewing, there are lots of beak-pleasing items on this fun toy. Birds can bite down on the wood blocks, rawhide, and leather strands for some beak-friendly exercises. There are also various colored beads on the lower portions of the toy, and even the wiffle balls are nice for poking and prodding. Medium birds in particular can really have a nice time chewing on the 3655 Sixball and its various parts.

Any toy with long leather strands is usually made for pulling, and the 3655 Sixball is no exception. Once your feathered friend bites down on one of the leather strands, they can pull the leather and all of its contents all around the aviary. This is nice exercise for your bird, and the fun sounds that occur when the wooden blocks and plastic balls all crash and clash into each other will certainly make your avian amigo a happy camper. There is even a metal bell tucked away amid the chaos to provide some extra amusing sounds. It can even be fun for your pet to interact with the many pieces on the leather strands to try and slide them up and down.

There is even some foraging potential with the 3655 Sixball. Treats and surprises can be hidden inside the plastic wiffle balls for your pet to find. Remember, these colored wiffle balls are totally hollow, and you have six (6) of them to work with. Just slide your bird’s favorite surprise inside the holes, and then watch as they work diligently to try and find it. Birds are natural foragers, so don’t underestimate the ability of your winged wingman to try and find what you have been secretly hiding. You might even stuff some shreddy paper in the balls to try and throw them off. Either way, it’s just another great use of this versatile toy, as it offers so much potential for play.

The 3655 Sixball has a quick-link connector at the top so that you can easily hang it from the top of the aviary. The toy weighs about (15) inches long and five (5) inches wide, and it weighs less than six (6) ounces. With its size, the 3655 Sixball is best-suited for medium birds, though large birds will also likely enjoy the toy as well. It is great for birds with an affinity for natural leather strips, wooden pieces, leather rawhide pieces, colorful plastic wiffle balls, and plastic beads. All of the components in the 3655 Sixball are bird-safe, but we still recommend supervising your pet during their first few play sessions to ensure a fun and safe experience. You can get the 3655 Sixball and many other great bird toys and accessories from Bonka Bird Toys.

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