Ropes and blocks adorn the 3646 Large Block Tower. This fun chewing, preening, and climbing toy is ideal for big birds. Check out the 3646 Large Block Tower.

The 3646 Large Block Tower is a chewing, preening, and climbing toy from Bonka Bird Toys. This toy has a fairly straightforward design, as it consists of various wooden chew blocks of different sizes all connected with soft cotton rope. It is best-suited for medium to large pet birds.

There are all sorts of ways for your feathered friend to enjoy the 3646 Large Block Tower. Like many other bird toys, it starts with chewing. Your bird’s beak will love the hard wooden blocks and the soft cotton rope, as both textures offer a very nice contrast with one another. If you’re experienced with birds, then you know how important it is to keep a beak active. Birds use their beaks in routine activities like eating and communication, and it never hurts to have your pets engage in some chewing exercises to keep their beaks nice and strong. Not to mention that hanging around and chewing on some wood and soft cotton rope can be a great way to pass some time and alleviate cage boredom. Your pet is sure to be entertained with these high-quality chewing textures!

And since it’s a toy that features soft cotton rope, particularly frayed rope ends, it should come as no surprise that the 3646 Large Block Tower is great for preening. If you aren’t familiar with preening, it refers to the act of a bird rubbing, cleaning, and positioning their feathers to stay as comfortable as possible. The frayed rope ends are great for this, as a bird will rub their feathers against this part of the toy to help get those feathers of theirs exactly how they like them. If you don’t already have a good preening toy in the aviary, then you should strongly consider adding one. Your winged wingman will certainly appreciate being able to easily preen their feathers, and they will likely demonstrate a happier demeanor overall.

We also want to mention that the 3646 Large Block Tower is a great toy for birds who like to climb and propel their bodies up various structures. Just because you have wings and can fly doesn’t mean that you can’t also climb! Many birds like to start at the bottom of a long toy like the 3646 Large Block Tower and then use their wings and legs to try and climb up the toy, all the way from the base to the top. Needless to say, this is great exercise for a bird, and it helps to keep their entire bodies in shape. Keep in mind that not every bird will engage in this behavior, but if your pecking pal is a climber, then they will definitely enjoy this toy. Just don’t be surprised if you find your pet stopping to take a break on the way up to partake in some chewing or preening fun! There are just so many ways to take advantage of this great toy!

The 3646 Large Block Tower is about twenty (20) inches long and five (5) inches wide. It weighs about one and a half (1.5) pounds, which equates to one (1) pound & eight (8) ounces, or just twenty-four (24) ounces. At this size, the toy is best enjoyed by medium to large birds. Small birds may also enjoy the 3646 Large Block Tower, but they may find it a bit intimidating or have trouble interacting with the larger components. We have many Small Bird Toys if you need something more appropriate for a smaller bird. All of the components in the 3646 Large Block Tower are bird-safe, but we still advise supervising your pet during their first few play sessions with the toy. The 3646 Large Block Tower is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys. Get one now!

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