Get ready for a rootin’ tootin’ good time with the 3640 Horsing Around! It offers major chewing and pulling excitement. Giddy up with the 3640 Horsing Around!

The 3640 Horsing Around is a chewing and pulling toy from Bonka Bird Toys. The one most noteworthy component of this toy is its small colored plastic rocking horses that are attached to the leather stands that make up this toy’s foundation. This toy is best-suited for smaller birds.

When you examine the 3640 Horsing Around, you will notice that it has a rather simple design, but still unlike one you would usually find on a bird toy. From the toy’s quick-link connector at the top, long leather strands run downward to form the basis of this chewable delight. The leather strands are knotted at various points along the way. These knots are extremely satisfying for birds, as the change in texture gets them really excited and pleased. Birds love chewable toys with varying textures like this, as being able to provide their beaks with different feelings and sensations can feel quite nice and relaxing. If you know that your pet bird is intrigued and interested in leather material, then this may be an ideal toy to consider.

While the long leather strands on the 3640 Horsing Around make a strong case for being the favorite of most busy beaks, there is one other component of this toy that is perhaps more of a signature feature. Decorated up and down the leather strands, alongside each knotted portion, are miniature plastic rocking horses for your feathered friend to chew on and investigate. These softly colored rockers are quite interesting to birds when up close and personal, and they really have some nice grooves and indent that help your avian amigo really maneuver and manipulate these small plastic pieces. This can be particularly important for a younger bird, or maybe even a bird coming from a broken or abusive home, in gaining confidence and becoming more social.

But there is much more to the 3640 Horsing Around than just offering your pet some strong chewing options. They can also offer your pet some good exercise potential, from pulling the toy all around, to even climbing up the toy to build some muscle. Birds of almost any size love to chomp down on the cascading leather strips so that they can pull the toy all around from their beaks. Pulling the toy will excite your pet, and they will want to move it all around the aviary. And if you have a more adventurous or crazy bird, then you might see your wingman trying to climb, or scale, the entirety of the 3640 Horsing Around. This requires a fair bit of strength, so don’t expect your pet to get the hang of it right away. But if your beaked pal does, then it can be quite exciting to watch! But that’s usually only for the craziest and wildest of birds.

The 3640 Horsing Around has a quick-link connector at the top for easily connecting to the top of the aviary. In total, the toy measures nine (9) inches long, two (2) inches wide, and it weighs less than two (2) ounces, thereby allowing birds of almost any size to have some fun. We particularly recommend this toy for smaller birds, as it may seem a bit on the small side if you have a big silly bird. But whether your pet is big or small, all of the components on the 3640 Horsing Around are completely safe and ready for playtime. We recommend that you supervise your bird while they play, especially during the first few play sessions. You can offer your pet bird a yee-haw good time with the 3640 Horsing Around from Bonka Bird Toys!.

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