You get two (2) pacifier pin sets with the 2197 Pk2 Paci Pin. They make fantastic foot toys and can serve as bird toy parts. Learn about the 2197 Pk2 Paci Pin.

The 2197 Pk2 Paci Pin is a pack of two (2) plastic pacifier pins. Each one consists of a plastic safety pin with three (3) plastic pacifiers attached. The pins and pacifiers come in soft pastel colors, and they make nice beak and foot toys for birds. They are also great as bird toy parts.

There are many things to like about the 2197 Pk2 Paci Pin. The toy is known for its smooth, plastic surfaces that feel great on a bird’s beak. You can hang the plastic safety pin and pacifiers from the top of the aviary with some string or twine and watch as your feathered friend chews and pokes at them. You may also catch your beaked pal latching onto the toy and pulling it all around for some extra exercise. The pacifiers and pins can also be used very nicely as a foot toy, as some birds may prefer to grab them with their talons.

You don’t have to hang the 2197 Pk2 Paci Pin from the cage. The safety pins and pacifiers can also be left loose at the bottom of the aviary floor. Your avian amigo can then pick up these pins and pacifiers with their talons and use them as foot toys. The plastic material feels satisfying to pick up and toss around. This is also a great way for your pet to improve their fine motor skills, as picking up the rather small pins and pacifiers requires some precise movement of a bird's talons. If you're looking for the best foot toy for a pet bird, then look no further!

Many bird lovers like to use the 2197 Pk2 Paci Pin when making their own bird toys. The pacifiers and pins are awesome when used as a bird toy part. They have many openings that you can use to secure them to something else. Just latch them on or tie them with some string, and you will give an existing bird toy another spot for your winged wingman to grab with their beak or talons and pull around. This is perfect for expanding upon toys or for when you are building your own special bird toy creation. Without a doubt, you have found the best bird toy part for your next masterpiece!

There are also other ways you can put the 2197 Pk2 Paci Pin to good use. You can use them in an arts and crafts project whenever are going for a “baby” theme. The pacifiers and pins also make nice additions to goodie bags for baby showers. Just imagine the smiles on the faces of your guests when they see these cute, pacifiers and pins in their soft pastel colors! You can also use them as decorations for a baby shower. Scatter them around for the amusement of your guests as they celebrate the arrival of a newborn on the way!

The 2197 Pk2 Paci Pin includes two (2) sets of pacifiers and pins. Each set includes one (1) plastic safety pin, and three (3) plastic pacifiers. The pins and pacifiers come in soft pastel colors, and they have noticeably smooth surfaces. Each pin and pacifier set measures about one-half (½) an inch tall, and three (3) inches long, with a depth of (1.75) or (1-¾) inches. Each set weighs less than one-half (½) an ounce, so your pet bird will have no trouble pulling it around. This toy is completely bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe time. These pins and pacifiers are excellent as bird toy parts and foot toys. The 2197 Pk2 Paci Pin is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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