The 1990 Treat Me from Bonka Bird Toys will provide a fun and exciting feeding experience for your medium to large sized bird. Learn about the 1990 Treat Me.

The 1990 Treat Me is a fun and creative feeding bowl sold by Bonka Bird Toys. In addition to serving as a reliable feeder, it also includes several exciting decorations to keep your pet happy and entertained. It is an incredible versatile accessory, providing both function and fun.

If you’re a bird lover who wants to keep your flying friends happy, then you know the importance of creative toys and feeders. Why not include both functions in one device with the 1990 Treat Me? This amusing feeder will surely please your medium to large bird and give them a great eating spot. It will fit-in very nicely with the pleasant environment you have set up in their cage. Now even feeding and chow time can become a playful activity for your pet!

Let’s discuss the fun aspects of the 1990 Treat Me first. The toy features plastic acrylic pacifiers that are attractive to a bird and perfect for working the beak. The small plastic tea cups on the side look adorable, and your bird will love to poke and peck at them. Other nice accessories include plastic beads and shiny rings to attract the attention of your feathered pal. It will surely make for a colorful addition to any bird cage. And it features the same high level of quality you can expect from any product from Bonka Bird Toys!

The bowl itself from the 1990 Treat Me consists of a hard plastic that is durable and easy to clean. It is hung using three (3) sturdy link chains that meet to form a quick link attachment. Your bird will be able to fly right up and get a snack whenever they feel like it! The entire feeder measures about 8.5” high and 4.5” wide. Assorted color options are available, and only bird-safe materials are used in the construction. You can get this excellent feeder from Bonka Bird Toys.

November 03, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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