You can delight the medium to large bird in your home with the 1792 Ball Waterfall from Bonka Bird Toys. It’s fun for pulling and foraging. Check out this toy.

The 1792 Ball Waterfall is a pulling and foraging toy built for medium to large pet birds. This fun toy consists of a large green wiffle ball that is decorated with pieces of natural twine and colorful plastic chains that secure many smaller white wiffle balls. Your pet will love this toy.

Giving your bird a fun play toy like the 1792 Ball Waterfall from Bonka Bird Toys is essential for alleviating cage boredom. A bored bird can become aggressive and demonstrate undesirable behavior, so it is very important to keep your pet entertained. Luckily, the 1792 Ball Waterfall is very useful for keeping birds healthy and strong, as well as mentally engaged.

The plastic wiffle balls used in the 1792 Ball Waterfall are ideal, as their openings give birds many places to latch on with their beaks and talons. Once your feathered friend has taken control of the toy, they can pull it all around for a fun workout. There is even a metal bell hiding on the toy, and it will ring as your pet pulls. This will encourage your winged wingman to keep playing.

Another advantage of the plastic wiffle balls found on the 1792 Ball Waterfall is that they can be used for foraging. All you need to do is stick treats and other surprises inside the balls to give your pet something to look for. This could include colored crinkle paper, pieces of natural straw, twine, or any other small material that your bird will enjoy. Remember, foraging is a natural behavior for birds, and it helps keep them mind sharp and mentally engaged.

There is also potential for expansion with the 1792 Ball Waterfall. You can secure other bird toys to the plastic wiggle balls to give your winged wingman something else to enjoy. Many lovers like to add extra bells for more ringing fun. Long pieces of string also work well, as they will give your pet something else to pull. Feel free to get creative. It never hurts to add some colorful materials that will catch the eye of your pet.

The 1792 Ball Waterfall Measures about (13) inches long, and it has a width of approximately four (4) inches. It weighs about five (5) ounces. Birds of all sizes can enjoy the toy, but we have found that it works best for medium to large birds. All of the materials used in the 1792 Ball Waterfall are totally bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet to ensure a fun and safe playtime experience. There is a quick-link attachment at the top of the toy that is used for hanging from the cage. This toy and many other great bird toys are sold by Bonka Bird toys.


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