Medium to large sized birds love the 1557 Duo Natural Helix as a multi-use toy. Foraging, chewing, and exploration fun awaits. Check out this incredible toy!

The 1557 Duo Natural Helix is a chewing, shredding, and foraging toy for medium to large sized birds, and it is very proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys. Seriously, when you’re as crazy about the birds as we are, it’s simply impossible not to get excited about such a fun and versatile toy.

There is a lot to take in and absorb when examining the 1557 Duo Natural Helix, so trying to describe it in a written paragraph is nearly impossible. But we’ll give it our best bird try! Starting from the top, a quick-link attachment allows you to easily hang the contraption in the birdcage. As you move downward, a strong metal wire keeps everything in place. Your feathered friend will be delighted to find woven natural vine material, wooden chew beads, and even some shreddy cardboard and crinkle paper for tearing up. We also added some colored rubber rings to each end of the toy. That’s right, you can expand upon this bad boy for even more fun!

No matter how you twist or bend or shake or shimmy the 1557 Duo Natural Helix, it just seems to end up in a position that is super enticing for feathered friends. And there are so many ways your pet can appreciate this one. Whether it’s for chewing on the wooden beads, pulling on the rubber rings, or even just roughhousing by tearing and shredding the cardboard, your bird pal is in for a treat. We have seen some adventurous birds try to climb up the toy, as scaling it can be a phenomenal work out. And the ability to constantly change and shift the toy’s positioning makes it a valuable addition to almost any aviary.

There is even foraging potential with the 1557 Duo Natural Helix. Stuff your pet’s favorite treats and surprises amongst all the cardboard, and give your winged wingman something to find. The only thing better than a super cool and fun bird toy is a bird toy that has a prize hidden inside! Your avian amigo will be so pleased and feel so happy to make a discovery that a tasty treat or satisfying snack was lurking in the cardboard bundle. That’s why your pet really can’t become bored with this toy. There’s just so much enjoyment and fun times ahead with this one.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a quick-link attachment at the top of the 1557 Duo Natural Helix so that you can hang it from the top of the aviary. In terms of dimensions, the toy is about twelve (12) inches long, (8.5) inches wide, and (1.5) inches deep. But keep in mind that you can twist and shape this toy into all sorts of different positions so these really are somewhat loose measurements. We find that this toy works best for medium to large birds, so as long as you don’t have a particularly small bird, there’s a pretty good chance that your pet will absolutely love it. Best of all, the 1557 Duo Natural Helix is completely bird safe, and it is ready for playtime. Treat your favorite pet to something special, and get them the 1557 Duo Natural Helix, proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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