Your winged wingman will love chewing and shredding the 1042 Duo Foraging Heart. It has shreddy paper and bamboo tubes. Check out the 1042 Duo Foraging Heart.

The 1042 Duo Foraging Heart is a shredding and foraging toy from Bonka Bird Toys. This fun bird toy has lots of components, including shreddable bamboo finger trap tubes, natural wooden chew beads, plastic straw, colored vine hears, and big wads of shreddy paper for your feathered friend.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the 1042 Duo Foraging Heart is its creative design. The toy is held in place with a metal wire that runs through the entirety of its structure. At the very top is a quick-link attachment that you use for hanging the toy from the aviary. As You travel downward, you will find a wooden chew bead and some colored plastic straw that covers up the wire.

Then the real excitement begins for the 1042 Duo Foraging Heart, as the next component moving downward is the first four (4) shreddable bamboo finger traps for your pet to chew and tear up as much as they want. After that is a natural vine heart stuffed to the brim with shreddy paper. Then comes the second set of four (4) finger traps, followed by another vine heart stuffed with shreddy paper. The third and final set of four (4) finger traps comes below that, and then a big bundle of loose shreddy paper hangs at the bottom. In total, there are twelve (12) bamboo finger traps, and two (2) natural vine hearts stuffed with colorful shredded paper.

Needless to say, there are many ways your avian amigo can enjoy the 1042 Duo Foraging Heart. Most birds aren’t shy to use the toy for some aggressive roughhousing and shredding excitement. Your pet can tear up the twelve (12) bamboo finger traps, vine hearts and all the colored shreddy paper to blow off some steam. It’s no secret that birds love to go and tear things up for some destructive fun. Just imagine the delight of your pet when they see the fresh 1042 Duo Foraging Heart sitting in the aviary just waiting to be all torn to pieces!

But destruction isn’t always the name of the game with the 1042 Duo Foraging Heart. As the name implies, you can also use the toy for some creative foraging fun. Hide treats and other surprises amongst the wads of shreddy paper inside the natural vine hearts for your pet to find. Make sure to hide the treats well to give your taloned trustee a real challenge! Birds are natural treasure hunters, as it’s completely instinctual for them. Forcing your pet to find their next goody will help them stay mentally sharp and happy. Get creative and hide your pet’s reward!

The 1042 Duo Foraging Heart is about (12.5) inches tall, (5.5) inches wide and (1.5) inches deep. It weighs less than two (2) ounces, so your pet should have no trouble pulling the toy all around. The quick-link attachment at the top of the toy makes it super easy to install. Just hang it from the top of the birdcage, and enjoy! Although the 1042 Duo Foraging Heart is completely bird-safe, we still advise supervising your pet during their first play session to ensure a fun and safe experience. The 1042 Duo Foraging Heart is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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