Cockatiels like shredding and foraging. You should get toys that promote such behaviors. Bonka Bird Toys has some nice toys for cockatiels. Check out our toys.

The best toys for cockatiels are toys that allow for shredding and foraging. Cockatiels are smart, intuitive birds, and they enjoy toys that encourage mental stimulation. Additionally, they are quite active, and they always love toys that give them a chance to shred and pull things apart.

If you want to keep your cockatiel happy, then you will need to get some fun toys. A bored bird results in unwanted behavior and a disobedient pet. But you can easily keep your cockatiel stimulated and engaged with a few toys in their birdcage. Of course, it can be difficult for a new bird owner to determine what their cockatiel likes. There are thousands of bird toys on our site, and it can be a little tough to choose which ones are best. Today, we’re going to give you a couple of suggestions that are perfect for cockatiels.

The first toy we recommend for cockatiels is the 1472 Poker. This toy consists of playing cards that are interwoven with colorful foam inserts for lots of chewing potential. There are also some added surprises at the bottom, as your cockatiel will enjoy the crinkly paper and the bell that hang below. The colorful crinkle paper is perfect for shredding, while the bell provides some nice ringing sound effects. The toy is great for a small bird like a cockatiel, and your pet will surely love it! The 1472 Poker measures about seven (7) inches long and (2) inches wide. It features a quick link for easy cage placement.

Another toy that is great for cockatiels is the 00156 Chewballishous. This is a beautiful foraging toy that features natural seagrass, vine balls, and colored wooden popsicle sticks. The toy will attract your cockatiel’s attention as it hangs and rotates, and your bird will be extremely eager to get playtime started. There are loads of materials for your cockatiel to chew upon and work its beak. Your cockatiel may even try to climb up the 00156 Chewballishous for some added exercise. Best of all, you can hide treats and surprises inside the vine balls for some foraging fun. The toy measures about 12 inches long and 6 inches wide, and it includes a quick link attachment for easy placement in the cage.

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