Bonka Bird Toys specializes in extra large and large parrot bird toys for your Macaw, Cockatoo or Hyacinth parrot. Learn about which toy is best for your pet.

We offer all different types of toys for large and extra large birds. Our wide selection of toys ranges in all sizes and can accommodate any type of cage. All of our toys are 100% bird safe. Many of our toys are specially made for birds of certain types - from chewers to climbers to foragers.

1116 Gigantor

The   1116 Gigantor is a large toy with lots of different parts to keep your bird entertained for hours. The 1116 Gigantor has bird safe, colored wooden blocks of assorted sizes strung from top to bottom. The toy is held together with colored soft cotton rope. The blocks also have cotton rope pieces threaded through them for added fun. The 1116 Gigantor is 32 inches high by 14 inches wide. The top of the toy has a heavy duty hanging link to easy installation.

1297 Jumbo Tri Swing

The   1297 Jumbo Tri Swing is a large, triangular hanging perch. The perch part of this toy is three natural wooden cylinders connected with rope knots threaded through drilled holes in the the cylinders. The perch is suspended with three sturdy link chains that are decorated with bird safe colored wooden blocks and wooden cylinder pieces. The top of the toy has a large tassel of colored cotton rope. The 1297 also has a heavy duty quick connect link for easy hanging. The toy is 22 inches tall by 18 inches wide.

1750 Clacker

The   1750 Clacker is a Bonka original. This toy is one of our all time best selling toys for medium to large birds who enjoying climbing, pulling and chewing. The toy has a thick plastic cross with chains threaded through each opening with metal measuring cups attached to each chain. The chains also have colorful acrylic pacifiers above each measuring cup. The 1750 Clacker is 14 inches long by 6 inches wide. The toy also has a quick link attachment for easy installation.

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