Noted for its Triple Top, the King’s Cages ES 1814 T makes a nice home for small birds. Learn about the King’s Cages ES 1814 4 Triple Top Small Birdcage.

ES 1814 T Triple Top Bonka Bird Toys Kings Cages

We cover great birdcages and aviaries of all sizes and styles on the Bonka Bird Blog. Today, our focus is on the King’s Cages ES 1814 T, a Small Birdcage with a unique Triple-Top Roof. Recommended as a starter cage, the ES 1814 T can become a happy home for a small bird for several years.

The King’s Cages ES 1814 T is built around a Plastic Base with a Powder-Coated Wire Body. The Powder-Coated Wire Body is Colored along with the Plastic Base. The Plastic Base is available in Color Options of White, Black, Blue/White, Green/White, and Red/White. This is a small birdcage that measures (18) inches wide, (14) inches deep, and (25) inches tall. That’s actually one of the useful things you can tell from the King’s Cages nomenclature. The numbers in the SKU represent the size. In this case, the ES 1814 T is (18) inches by (14) inches. The only primary dimension not in the SKU is the cage’s height of (25) inches. And as a birdkeeper, you should make sure to consider the cage’s Bar-Spacing of three-fourths of an inch (¾”). If you have a very tiny bird that could possibly stick its head through the bars and become stuck, then that is a major issue, so don’t forget that. But in the end, this is a small birdcage that is suitable for species like Cockatiels, Finches, Parakeets, Canaries, and Lovebirds.

ES 1814 T Triple Top Bonka Bird Toys Kings Cages Black

Before we dive into other features for the ES 1814 T, we should stop for a very brief moment to talk about the significance of the cage's Powder-Coated Wire Body. We should be clear in saying that this is NOT quite the same design technique as the King’s Cages Signature Five (5) Tank Process for Applying a Powder-Coated Finish. But the ES 1814 T still receives a variant of a Powder-Coated Finish, as opposed to a paint-based finish. This results in a cage that is still surprisingly strong and durable, despite its lower cost. It is also considerably safer than a cage with a paint-based finish.

ES 1814 Triple Top T Kings Cages Bonka Bird Toys

With regular wear and tear, you can expect the ES 1814 T to last for about a decade with daily usage, possibly even longer. It also goes without saying that the Powder-Coated Wire Body of the ES 1814 T is much safer than a cage with a paint-based finish, which can be potentially toxic for a bird, especially over a period of long-term exposure. Indeed, the King’s Cages ES 1814 T is non-toxic and completely safe for birds, making it an excellent low-cost starter cage option. Many new birdkeepers buy cages like the ES 1814 T. It’s great if you aren’t quite ready to invest in a top-of-the-line aviary, and you want something that will buy you plenty of time until you do go ahead with such a purchase. Alternatively, you might also consider the ES 1814 T as a spare aviary for a small bird. You can keep your pet inside of this aviary whenever their regular cage is being cleaned.

ES 1814 Triple Top T Black Kings Cages Bonka Bird Toys

The other main feature of the ES 1814 T that you are likely to immediately notice is its Triple-Top Roof. In fact, the “T” in the cage’s name/SKU is for “Triple”, so it really serves as one of the key, defining characteristics of the cage. Many bird lovers think that the design looks cool, and it does provide your pet with a bit more space to move around from the top of the cage. But it does make the aviary impossible to stack other cages on top of it. If you are hoping to stack cages, then a basic flat roof might be better. Otherwise, enjoy the Triple Top!

1814 Triple Top T Black Kings Cages Bonka Bird Toys

King’s Cages also put some useful features into the ES 1814 T that make it easier to clean and maintain. The cage has a Pull-Out Tray and a Metal Grill that is easy to wipe down. Messes are inevitable with any aviary, so being able to deal with them as quickly and as easily as possible is something you should definitely look for in whatever cage you decide to purchase. The cage’s Plastic Base and White Powder-Coated Wire Body both wipe down with little effort, and they polish up to appear good as new. That is something you will certainly appreciate with this cage.

ES 1814 Triple Top T Black Kings Cages Bonka Bird Toys

There are also other miscellaneous features associated with the King’s Cages ES 1814 T that are sure to please both you and your feathered friend. The cage has a Large Front Door for easy access. This comes in handy both when placing your pet and when extracting them from the cage. There are Two (2) Wooden Dowel Perches, with each one Measuring One-Inch (1”) in Diameter. These feel very satisfying on a bird’s talons, and they make for great resting and hangout spots. The ES 1814 T also comes with Two (2) Plastic Cups for feeding. Please note that the ES 1814 T is not designed to be hung, but rather it should be placed flat on a sturdy desk or table.

The last thing to consider with the King’s Cages ES 1814 T is what Bird Toys you can install inside it. As this is a small birdcage for small birds, you will likely consider Small Bird Toys for the cage. Some great options include the 1309 Natural Vine Munchie, the 1721 Round Basket, the 1926 Shoozy Shred, the 886 Spoon Explosion, the 1559 Flower Cracker, the 869 Millet Holder, the 50045 Real Deal, and many more. Remember that the King’s Cages ES 1814 T is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys. Stay tuned to the Bonka Bird Blog, as we will have more great content coming soon!

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