Your African Grey Parrot will LOVE the 1721 Round Basket! There's plenty of paper for shredding to satisfy the nesting instinct. Find out more about this item.

1721 Round Basket

The 1721 Round Basket is delightful. From the quick link connector, a chain hangs down to the round bamboo basket which is filled with colorful shredded, crinkly paper. On either side are several colored finger traps, with more crinkly, shredded paper to round it out. Parrots will love it.

Just looking at this toy makes me happy, I can only imagine what your beaked bestie will think of it. It's truly a feast for the eyes. And the beak, and the feet!  The basket is reminiscent of the layout on a Chinese Checkers board. The flat side is covered with hexagonal holes that your bird will love to get both their beak and their feet into to pull that crinkly paper out. Shredding items is very satisfying for them. They are hardwired to try and make comfortable nests for themselves and potential offspring. Within the basket area is a good place to hide food or treats so they can discover it as they are pulling the paper out. Bonus!

The finger traps are also a great place to hide things you want them to discover. With the weaved surface of these traps, they are going to find great joy in getting their beak in there and pulling things apart. Smaller hookbills, in particular will enjoy this, as it's a good workout for their beaks, without being too hard. In addition, the finger traps can swivel in place, so they will be enjoyable to climb on, and will help with a good foot workout, and to keep those legs strong. This is another one of those toys, like the 3753 Shreddy Eddy (one of my personal favorites) that is meant to be almost completely destroyed. 

The 1721 Round Basket is approximately 8" (20.32cm) Tall, 7" (17.78cm) Wide, and 1.5" (3.81cm) Deep. It is made of 100% bird-safe materials. It's perfect for the African Grey Parrot, of course, but also Cockatiels, Small Cockatoos, Parrotlets, Conures, Parakeets, and many more. Also, just because it's great for parrots, that doesn't mean that your Finch, or Canary or Lovebird wouldn't also enjoy it. 

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