Bonka Bird Toys offers colorful Mini Sandals that can be used as chewing toys, foot toys, and foraging toys for pet birds. Learn about our Mini Sandals.

Yes, Mini Sandals make good bird toys. Colorful Mini Sandals are perfect for chewing, as the soft foam texture feels nice on a bird’s beak. Some birds like to use the Mini Sandals as foot toys by marching all over them. You can also hide treats inside the Mini Sandals for foraging.

It’s hard not to get excited about a toy with as much versatility as our Mini Sandals. These miniaturized sandals are just like the soft foam sandals that you would find in virtually any department store. But the ones that we offer are smaller sized and more suitable for pet birds. There are so many ways that your feathered friend can enjoy our Mini Sandals, and they really make the perfect surprise.

Each of our Mini Sandals has five (5) holes in the top, as well as a convenient strap. This makes them easy to hang from the cage by using some string or twine. A hanging sandal becomes an ideal chew toy for a pet bird of any size. Your winged wingman will love to chew up our Mini Sandals for some beak exercise and just some general roughhousing. The soft foam texture is sure to please those busy beaks and satisfy virtually any bird craving some destruction.

But not every bird will want to chew and destroy the Mini Sandals. Some bird lovers have found that they can toss the Mini Sandals loose around the cage for their pet birds to march on top of. This can feel quite nice on a bird’s talons. Some birds have even been known to pick up the Mini Sandals with their talons and carry them all around the cage. This is good exercise for a bird’s lower body.

We have also seen the Mini Sandals work as foraging toys. You can stuff treats and other surprises inside the Mini Sandals for your beaked pal to find. As you know, birds will forage and hunt as a natural instinct. Giving your pet a reward to find is a great way to keep their mind sharp. Many bird lovers have found that regular foraging play can help cut down on boredom and eliminate many unwanted and aggressive behaviors.

Our Mini Sandals come in an assortment of bright colors that are sure to attract the attention of your avian amigo. Each sandal is about three (3) inches long, (1.5) inches wide, and (1.5) inches tall. And since each one weighs less than an ounce, your pet should have no trouble moving them all around to their liking. Our Mini Sandals are completely bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe experience. You can also use the Mini Sandals for arts and crafts and various creative projects. Bonka Bird Toys proudly sells Mini Sandals in a variety of different quantities to meet your needs.

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