What are great toys for large birds like Amazons, Macaws and Cockatoos? Check out some of Bonka’s best sellers perfectly geared for these large breeds here!

Larger parrots can be demanding friends with their unique size and needs. Whether the stimulus hungry Amazon, curious Macaw or environmentally particular Cockatoo. We offer a variety of toys perfect for these larger guys to make a part of their home that will offer hours of entertainment.


  • Our original, The 1750 Clacker, offers the more energetic bird all the audible and tactile stimulation their day can handle. While the “Huge Raggedy” (1093) can offer those with larger beaks a plethora of brightly colored textures to nip, chew and tug on. Then for a more mild mannered and curious friend, there’s the “Huge Plastic Three Balls” (1479) to toy and forage with whenever their heart desires.


  • Bonka Bird Toys 1093 Huge Raggedy, what more could your large feathered friend ask for ?. A multitude of beak pleasing textures awaits, colored wooden blocks, cylinders, and triangles are tightly woven together with multiple strands of colored, soft cotton rope, and mixed with an array of colored, plastic beads, finishing out with a large bell. It measures approximately 32 inches high by 15 inches wide, comes complete with a large quick link for easy placement.


  • Bonka Bird Toys 1479 Huge Plastic Three Balls is durable and has multiple play options for your large feathered companions. The 5-inch colored plastic balls have a smaller ball inside and large openings for you to put treats or paper inside for foraging fun, they are strung from a sturdy 2.5mm chain. It measures approximately 12 inches high by 9 inches wide and comes complete with a quick link for easy placement.
January 01, 1970 — Bonka Bird Toys

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