Sisal Java Nets


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Java Sisal Cargo Nets by Bonka Bird Toys

Climb into Fun with Java Sisal Cargo Nets!

Product Highlights:

  • X-Small Dimensions: 19.69" x 15.75", Weighs 0.93 lbs.
  • Made from durable sisal rope and natural Java wood
  • Perfect for climbing and exploring, providing essential exercise and enrichment

Shopify Product Description: Enhance your bird’s habitat with the Java Sisal Cargo Nets from Bonka Bird Toys. These climbing mats offer a fun and stimulating environment for your feathered friends, encouraging natural climbing and foraging behaviors. Designed for durability and safety, these cargo nets are crafted from high-quality sisal rope and robust Java wood, ensuring they stand up to the enthusiastic play of all bird sizes.

Sizes and Specifications:

  • X-Small: Ideal for smaller birds or limited spaces, measuring 19.69" x 15.75" and weighing just under a pound.

Key Features:

  • Natural Materials: Made from sisal and Java wood, offering a safe and engaging texture for birds to grasp and climb.
  • Enhanced Enrichment: Encourages physical activity, which is crucial for maintaining your bird’s health and happiness.
  • Easy Installation: Each net comes with attachments for easy setup in your bird’s cage or aviary.
  • Versatile Use: Great for a variety of bird species, including parakeets, cockatiels, and even larger parrots like Conures and Quakers.

Why Choose Our Cargo Nets: Our Java Sisal Cargo Nets are more than just toys; they are a portal to a healthier, happier life for your bird. They provide not only a place to play but also a space to stimulate your bird’s instinctive climbing and foraging behaviors. The different textures and the natural flexibility of the materials mimic the challenges birds face in the wild.

Perfect for: Bird owners who want to promote an active lifestyle for their pets. Whether your bird is small and agile or a larger species looking for a challenge, these cargo nets offer the perfect solution to enhance their day-to-day life.

Add a Java Sisal Cargo Net to your cart today and watch your bird thrive in an enriching, fun-filled climbing experience!