Hemp Java Cargo Nets

$21.99 USD


Java Cargo Nets by Bonka Bird Toys

Product Overview: Discover the ultimate playground for your feathered friends with Bonka Bird Toys' Java Cargo Nets. Designed to mimic the natural environments, these nets offer a dynamic and safe space for birds of various sizes. Available in Medium, Large, and Huge sizes, they are perfect for anyone from the small parakeet to the large cockatoo.

Key Features:

  • Varied Sizes: Choose from Medium, Large, or Huge to perfectly fit your bird's needs and cage size.
  • Natural Materials: Crafted from durable, bird-safe java wood and robust ropes, ensuring a safe climbing experience.
  • Promotes Physical Activity: Encourages physical exercise, improving coordination and fulfilling natural climbing instincts.
  • Easy Installation: Includes secure fixtures for quick attachment to your bird's cage.
  • Enhanced Foraging: Easily accessorize with treats and toys to enrich your bird's foraging skills.

Product Description: Elevate your bird's habitat with our Java Cargo Nets! Each net features a blend of java wood and hemp ropes, interspersed with wooden blocks to intrigue and satisfy your bird's curiosity. Whether climbing, swinging, or exploring, these nets provide endless entertainment and stimulation, ensuring a joyful and healthy lifestyle for your pet.


  • Medium: 25" x 18" - Ideal for medium-sized birds, offering ample space without overcrowding.
  • Large: 38" x 24" - Perfect for medium to large birds, encouraging more extensive play and exercise.
  • Huge: 48" x 38" - The ultimate play area for larger birds, offering the most challenging climbs and play activities.

Customer Experience: At Bonka Bird Toys, your pet's happiness and safety are our top priorities. Each Java Cargo Net is rigorously inspected for quality and durability to provide a safe and engaging environment. Our nets are designed not only as toys but as lifestyle enhancements that reflect the natural complexity of a bird's habitat.

Elevate your bird's lifestyle with Bonka Bird Toys' Java Cargo Nets and watch them thrive in an enriching, stimulating environment.