2418 Dove

$9.99 USD

Bring a touch of serenity and playful exploration to your bird's environment with the 2418 Dove from Bonka Bird Toys. This small, meticulously crafted toy is designed to captivate your cherished feathered friends with its colorful wooden dove, vegetable-tanned leather, bright acrylic pacifiers, and a melodious bell. Ideal for extra small to small-sized birds, this toy offers a multitude of healthy play options, keeping them entertained and alleviating cage boredom.

Key Features:

  • Colorful Wooden Dove: The centerpiece of this toy, designed to attract and hold your bird's attention.
  • Vegetable-Tanned Leather: Safe for chewing and tugging, adding texture and durability.
  • Bright Acrylic Pacifiers: Knotted along the leather for added color and fun, perfect for pecking and playing.
  • Melodic Bell: Finishing off the toy with a gentle ring that birds adore, encouraging further interaction.
  • Easy Installation: Comes complete with a quick link for effortless cage placement.


  • Perfect for extra small to small-sized birds, offering just the right size for fun without overwhelming.
  • Encourages beak-pleasing activities, helping to maintain beak health through natural chewing behaviors.
  • Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring a secure environment for your bird's playtime.


  • Height: 6.25 inches
  • Width: 3.25 inches
  • Depth: 0.75 inches
  • Weight: 2 ounces

Perfect Playtime Companion

The 2418 Dove from Bonka Bird Toys is more than just a toy; it's a beacon of fun and exploration for your bird. With its combination of textures, colors, and sounds, it's designed to engage your bird's senses and keep them engaged for hours on end.

Embrace the joy and curiosity of your feathered friends with the 2418 Dove—a testament to Bonka Bird Toys' commitment to creating engaging, safe, and durable toys for birds of all sizes.