848 Big Ring Chain

$9.99 USD

The 848 Big Ring Chain from Bonka Bird Toys serves as a vibrant and versatile play option for medium-sized birds, offering a blend of simplicity and engagement. Its easy-to-install, colorful design is sure to captivate your feathered friend, encouraging play, climbing, and auditory stimulation. Let's explore the standout features of this toy and how it can enrich your bird's playtime.

Vibrant Design and Endless Fun

Colorful Plastic Chain: The backbone of this toy is a brightly colored plastic chain that runs its entire length, offering visual stimulation and a medium for climbing and exploration.

Medium Colorful Plastic Loops: Five medium-sized colorful plastic loops suspended from the chain add to the toy's allure. These loops provide additional play opportunities, allowing your bird to maneuver through and around them.

Engaging Metal Bell: The toy concludes with a metal loop at the bottom, from which a small metal bell is attached. This bell adds auditory excitement to the toy, engaging your bird's sense of hearing and encouraging interaction.

Versatile and Easy to Use

Flexible Setup Options: The 848 Big Ring Chain's design allows for a variety of setup configurations. Whether hung vertically for a classic look or horizontally for a unique twist, this toy can be adapted to keep your bird's environment fresh and stimulating.

Easy Installation: Equipped with a quick link attachment, the toy can be quickly and securely hung in any cage, making it convenient to introduce this new source of entertainment to your bird.

Safe and Durable

Bird Safe Construction: The 848 Big Ring Chain is made with 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring that your bird can play, climb, and chew without any harm.

Lightweight and Perfectly Sized: Measuring approximately 13.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width, and weighing under 4 ounces, this toy is ideally sized for medium birds and won't overwhelm their space.

The 848 Big Ring Chain from Bonka Bird Toys is not just a toy; it's a colorful addition to your bird's cage that promotes physical activity, mental stimulation, and sheer enjoyment. With its durable construction and bird-safe design, it offers a reliable and engaging playtime option that will keep your medium-sized bird entertained for hours.