3505 Pk6 Nuts/Bolt

$10.99 USD

The 3505 Pk6 Nuts/Bolt from Bonka Bird Toys are brightly colored and durable foot toys that pet birds love to play with! These big chunky nuts and bolts have an eye-catching design and are perfect for bird cages and aviaries. The foot toys have different types of bolts and nuts in each pack all of them easy to play with and bird pleasing. Plastic nuts and bolts are excellent foot toys with their moving nuts and their smooth surfaces. You and your pet will find different plastic threaded cores that have different shapes for bases including triangles, squares, and octagons. The threads sticking up from the bases are of (4) different sizes and each has a wonderful nut screwed on. These nuts come in different shapes too including squares, plus signs, octagons, and more! The nuts smoothly and effortlessly turn and screw down on the threaded cores. This is great fun for pet birds to interact and play with. When the nuts are taken off of the threaded cores they can be hung up around the cage or from other toys with their large circular opening in the center. The threaded cores are also open from underneath giving you a perfect place to stuff some shred or treat for your pet! As each of the nuts and bolts is very light your pet will have no trouble throwing them around the cage and having a nutty time!

The 3505 Pk6 Nuts/Bolt from Bonka Bird Toys are 100% bird-safe ships in bright bird-pleasing assorted colors and weigh and measure approximately:

Width: (1.75) or (1 3/4) inches

Height: (2.25) or (2 1/4) inches

Single nut & bolt weight: Under (1) ounce

The 3505 Pk6 Nuts/Bolt from Bonka Bird Toys are colorful, versatile, and durable bird foot toys!
The pack includes (6) big colorful and chunky nuts and bolts that pet birds love to interact with.
Your pet will have so much fun easily screwing the nut up and down each of the threaded cores.
The bolts and nuts are made so well that they can even be used on regular art and craft projects!
The 3505 Pk6 Nuts/Bolt is 100% bird safe and can be used in so many different ways for your pet

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