2464 pk12 Cardboard Squares

$3.99 USD

If you're looking to give your bird hours of playtime fun, the 2464 pk12 Cardboard Squares are the perfect choice! These cardboard squares are great for small pet birds as they come in packs of 12 and are large enough for them to grip and manipulate with ease. The size is perfect - 2 inches by 2 inches with a thickness of 1/8th inch – offering plenty of space and control for little beaks to pull at and tear apart, making these ideal for shredding plays. Not only can these serve as individual foot toys that can be added on to other toys to create one larger entertaining masterpiece, but they too offer some mental stimulation – encouraging your pet bird's natural foraging behaviour. If safety is important to you, you'll love them even more as these 100% bird-safe materials limit any risk of harm coming your way. Just add some eco-friendliness, durability, endless fun - and you have yourself the 2464 pk12 Cardboard Squares!