2430 Snowman

$6.99 USD

  • The 2430 Snowman from Bonka Bird Toys brings the joy and spirit of the Christmas season into your bird's cage. This small to medium-sized bird toy is an exceptional foraging toy designed to captivate your feathered friend with hours of entertainment. Stuffed with shredding material in festive red and green colors, it's the perfect way to keep your beaked buddy engaged and merry.

    Easy and Secure Hanging Featuring a quick link connector at the top, the Snowman toy ensures fast and hassle-free installation, letting your bird start their holiday fun right out of the package. A durable metal wire forms the toy's structure, providing a solid foundation for all the engaging elements.

    Natural and Festive Elements At the top, a natural wooden bead introduces a touch of nature, followed by a small natural vine ladder that adds to the toy's texture and appeal. The centerpiece is our best-selling sola atta ball, lovingly stuffed with vibrant red and green crinkle paper and adorned with a jolly snowman, inviting your bird to dive into the holiday spirit.

    Encourages Healthy Behaviors The 2430 Snowman is not just a source of joy but also promotes healthy foraging and chewing behaviors. The combination of materials and textures encourages your bird to explore and manipulate their toy, providing mental stimulation and physical activity.

    Bird Safe and Brightly Colored This toy is 100% bird safe, ensuring that your pet's playtime is both enjoyable and secure. Shipped in bright, bird-pleasing assorted colors, the Snowman toy stands out in any cage with its cheerful Christmas theme and provides a great seasonal gift for your cherished feathered friend.

    Ideal Seasonal Gift with Perfect Dimensions Measuring approximately 12 inches in height and 4.50 inches in width, and weighing under 3 ounces, the 2430 Snowman is ideally sized for small to medium birds. Its combination of festive colors and shreddable materials makes it a stimulating addition to your bird's environment.

    Product Highlights:

    • Celebrates the Christmas season with a festive design
    • Encourages foraging and chewing behaviors
    • Features a mix of natural and colorful materials
    • Bright Christmas colors and shreddable materials
    • Easy to hang with a quick link connector
    • Made with 100% bird-safe materials

    Let your bird join in the holiday festivities with the 2430 Snowman from Bonka Bird Toys, providing a colorful, engaging, and safe way to enhance their foraging instincts while spreading seasonal cheer.