2163 Medium Luffa Party

$13.99 USD

The 2163 Medium Luffa Party from Bonka Bird Toys is a crazy combination of colors, materials, and shapes for your medium-sized birdie buddy! The quick link connector at the top of the toy lets you quickly and easily hang 2163 wherever you like. The link passes through a metal ring which connects to a small link chain and continues through the center of the whole toy. The chain passes through lots of different materials, stuffed to the brim! There are colored wooden disks all about. Pieces of woven palm leaf are waiting to be chewed and pulled. Colorful thin paper is found sandwiched between different materials. Also, there are big chunks of luffa sponge all over. Luffa is an all-natural material and is perfectly safe for pet birds. The 2163 Medium Luffa Party is 100% bird safe.

* Packed with chewing materials and items!
* Great combination of bright and natural colors.
* Tons of natural chewing materials.
* Weighs under (5) ounces.
* Measures about (9.5) inches tall by (3) inches wide.