2003 Pk6 Leather Regular 48" x 1/8"

$7.19 USD $8.99

2003 Pk6 Leather 48" Long x 1/8" Thick from Bonka Bird Toys are plain and straightforward foot toys perfect for feathered friends of any age and ability! The bird toy pack includes (6) natural leather strips ready to be played with. Each leather strip is uncolored and has that lovely natural leather color. The strips are all cut the same with a (1/8) thickness, making it very easy for your pet to grab them with their beak and feet. At (48) inches long, each leather strip is long enough to entertain. The bird toys can be used as regular foot toys or added to other toys and the aviary in many different ways! You can use them to string other items up in the cage. They can be strung and hung by themselves. They can even be cut up as a unique chewing and foraging material.

  • Long and skinny!
  • Pack of three natural leather strips.
  • 100% bird safe.
  • Great foot toys.
  • Weighs under (3) ounces for the pack.