1666 Massive Swing

$59.99 USD

Elevate your large-sized feathered friend's playtime to a whole new level with the Bonka Bird Toys 1666 Massive Swing. This colossal toy is an oversized, decorative playground designed to keep your cherished pet entertained for hours on end. With a host of stimulating elements, including chewable wooden blocks, soft cotton rope, plastic beads, and multiple bells, it's a true giant swing that's perfect for your best avian buddies.

Key Features:

  1. Gigantic Entertainment: The Bonka Bird Toys 1666 Massive Swing is designed for large-sized birds and offers them an oversized play space to explore and enjoy. This swing is sure to be the focal point of their cage.

  2. Chewable Wooden Blocks: Birds love to chew and gnaw on things. This swing features chewable wooden blocks, providing a satisfying outlet for your feathered friend's natural chewing instincts.

  3. Colorful Plastic Beads: Vibrant plastic beads add a burst of color and visual appeal to the swing. These beads are not only attractive but also encourage your bird to interact with the swing.

  4. Multiple Bells: The inclusion of multiple bells on the swing provides auditory stimulation for your bird. The delightful sound of the bells as they jingle adds an extra layer of entertainment.

  5. Durable Cotton Rope: Soft cotton rope components offer a safe and comfortable surface for your bird to perch, swing, and play. It's gentle on their feet and feathers.

  6. Generous Size: Measuring approximately 30 inches high by 23 inches wide, with a perch diameter of 2 inches, this swing offers plenty of room for your large feathered friend to exercise and have fun.

  7. Easy Installation: The Bonka Bird Toys 1666 Massive Swing comes complete with two quick links for easy placement in your bird's cage. Installation is a breeze, ensuring your pet can enjoy this grand play space right away.

Treat your large-sized feathered companion to a true avian paradise with the Bonka Bird Toys 1666 Massive Swing. Watch as they chew on the wooden blocks, interact with the plastic beads, and create delightful melodies with the multiple bells. This massive swing is an excellent addition to your bird's habitat, providing both physical and mental enrichment. Give your feathered friend a colossal playground that they'll adore.